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I had no knowledge of how a chapter 7 worked and Brad walked me through it and helped me each step of the way. After almost a year after the final ruling, I had an issue with my mortgage company. I emailed Brad and he responded within 4 hours and said he would have the documents needed to me the next morning. By 10AM the next morning I had the documents and forwarded them to the mortgage company and they are clearing up the issue. Great job Brad.
— Ron B., Chapter 7 client
Brad was very accommodating and answered every question I had. I felt like everything happened very smoothly and with freedom from debts that were crushing me. I would highly recommend him to any family member or friend without hesitation.
— Sandy L., Chapter 7 client
When I fell behind on my mortgage I didn’t even know what options I had. After trying to talk to my bank and get a modification, I was given the total runaround and was ready to just give up...but Mr. Bader explained that there was a Chapter 13 program that forced my bank to reconsider me for a loan mod and I got one! Doing it on my own was a nightmare but Mr. Bader saved my home!!!
— David G., Chapter 13 client
After 30 years of excellent credit, the recession had our business come to a complete halt. I found myself in a place that I was unfamiliar with and needed reasonable direction from an expert. Brad helped me through the entire process in a professional caring manner. His attention to detail and knowledge of the process was evident from the first meeting, but what is most impressive is his ability to have me feel at ease and human in the face of what could be a very unpleasant experience. He continues to keep me immediately apprised of anything I may need to know and supports me to see it through. I’m convinced he will treat you and your needs with same professionalism and respect.
— Alan P., Chapter 13 client
Mr. Bader was by far very personable, and explained everything in great detail. He was always available to take my call when I had questions as well which is a problem I have had in the past. Would recommend him to anyone needing a good family law attorney!!! Always had my best interest first not how much money he was making off me!!!
— Fred M., Family law client
When my wages were garnished, I knew I had to do something! Mr. Bader stepped in and now, I’m completely debt free other than my mortgage and my credit score has already gone up 150 in the one year since my Chapter 7. It is what I would call a solid 5 star experience. In other words, I give Brad a 10 out of 10.
— Anna S., Chapter 7 client