If the debt is not legally valid and the creditor or debt collector files a lawsuit against you, you have to appear and defend that lawsuit to assert your defenses. If you don't respond in time, they will obtain a Default Judgment against you even if the debt was not valid. If you are served papers, you have to act quickly or they will win.

For example if the debt is too old and outside the Statute of Limitations, you have to respond to the lawsuit and assert that defense of they win! 

But if you know the debt is not valid, you can hire us to defend the lawsuit and assert these defenses. Many times, you would be entitled to Attorney's Fees if you went through the debt validation process and can prove that and show that the creditor or collector ignored it. Every case is different but sometimes, this is the better debt solution.


But sometimes the issue is the conduct of the debt collector that is grounds for fighting them in Court and this has nothing to do with whether you owe the money or if the debt is legally valid.

There are federal and state laws that deal with illegal debt collection or the methods employed to collect on a debt. These laws having nothing do with whether you owe the money or whether it is a legally valid debt. Debt collectors (and even the original creditor, under the Florida law version of the FDCPA) have certain rules they have to obey. If they don't, you can sue them and they have to pay your Attorney's Fees if you win, plus damages.

Sometimes, going on the offensive can give you the upper hand with an unscrupulous creditor or debt collector. We have helped many of clients go after these abusive creditors and debts collectors. Sometimes this is a way to not only stop the harassment, but also it can lead to your recovery of money, all because they did not comply with laws that were specifically enacted to regulate their behavior in the collections of debts.


If you believe that you have legal defenses or that you have been harassed or abused in the collection of a valid debt, we can help you do something about it. Many people would rather not fight in Court, but sometimes, you have to stand up for yourself and say "enough is enough" and we can help you with this debt solution.

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