If you have been served foreclosure papers, you must take action quickly to preserve your rights and keep your home.



If you have been served foreclosure papers, taking action quickly gives you the most options to solve the problems.  Important deadlines in a lawsuit pass very quickly so to avoid waiving rights and limiting your options, seeking legal counsel to find a solution to your mortgage foreclosure problem is the most important step to take. 

Sometimes, the mortgage company makes mistakes or has not complied with the law. There are often legal defenses that can be asserted if you hire legal counsel and respond in time. Defending you in a foreclosure lawsuit is often where you have the best chance early in the case to work toward a good workable solution.  If you simply do nothing, the mortgage company knows that your because you failed to defend the legal action, your options are very limited and they can move very quickly to get the Court to enter a Default Judgment. Once this happens, your home could be scheduled for a foreclosure sale within 30 days. 




When you are served with a foreclosure lawsuit, you have 20 days to file a written response with the Court. This starts the day after you are served papers. If you do not respond within this time, you have waived your right to assert any legal defenses you may have. This limits your options because the Court is not allowed to listen to you, in writing or in person if you did not file an Answer to the Complaint in Foreclosure.

Don't let this happen to you! The sooner you contact us after papers are served to you, the better position you are in to have more options in finding the best solutions. 



Foreclosure Dos and Don'ts


Hire a Lawyer Prior to the Lawsuit if Possible
Just Accept Service of the Lawsuit Papers
Calendar the Response Deadline and Set a Reminder Alarm
Contact a Lawyer as Soon as Possible After Being Served


Don't Comment to or Abuse the Process Server
Don't Delay Calling a Lawyer
Don't Forget to Calendar the Response Deadline
Don't Talk to the Mortgage Company Attorneys

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