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BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY - Serving Orange, Lake, Seminole and Sumter Counties

Don't beat yourself up about how your debts became too much to handle. Nobody wants to file for bankruptcy but sometimes it is the best solution to get on with your life. Most of our clients have tried everything possible to avoid filing for bankruptcy but sometimes restarting your financial life through filing for bankruptcy and getting a fresh start is the best solution, but that depends...

We find individual specific Debt Solutions for the honest people of Central Florida. If you are having debt problems and need a real solution, we can help you find the answer that is right for you.


Sometimes that is Bankruptcy...but not always. Your situation is unlike anyone else's so that's how we approach the process of getting you the relief you need so your life can be smooth sailing from now on.



         Mortgage Solutions

There is more than one way to solve a mortgage problem and we start with your goals. Whether you want to save your home from foreclosure, modify your mortgage, catch up on payments or let it go and get out from under it, we focus on you and what you want to see happen. There may be options for you that you never realized you had, so we make sure you know all of your options so you can the make choice that's best for you.

Some federal programs are set to end in 2016 so learning what your options include and how long you have to choose the best option is important. We can help you through this process as we have done for so many past clients. 

To learn more about your options, click on Mortgage Solutions and we'll get started. 

If you are behind on credit card payments, we begin by looking at your current situation. Is it manageable? Can you afford it? Are they already in collection? Have they sued and gotten a judgment and are trying to garnish your wages or take other assets away from you?

Once we help you learn your options, based on what stage things have gotten to, then we can help you decide the best course of action. Sometimes that is a fresh start under bankruptcy but sometimes, you may have grounds to sue the credit card company or debt collector.

The number of creditors you have, your income and what you own also plays into choosing the best solution for you. 

To learn more about your options, click on Credit Card Solutions and we'll get started. 

 Is Bankruptcy the best option for you? We begin the process to help you answer that important question by looking at your total situation. A problem with one creditor is much different than a problem where you have many creditors of different types.

The first steps in deciding whether Bankruptcy is right for you is to learn which chapter under bankruptcy law, if any, would be a complete solution. Then we look at other factors like your income and what you own to help you decide.

Bankruptcy is not right for everyone but for honest people with nothing to hide, it is debt relief. That can mean a quick Chapter 7 to start fresh, or a Chapter 13 to restructure debts in order to keep property.

It's about what you want to see happen and how we can help you make that happen.

To learn more about whether Bankruptcy is the right solution for you, click on Bankruptcy Solutions and we'll get started. 

Bankruptcy Attorney Orlando - A Guide to Knowing Whether Bankruptcy Will Solve Your Debt Problems

Nobody living in Orlando, Florida wants to file for bankruptcy...but sometimes, it is the best debt solution to restart your life and get control over the financial chaos that has become your daily life. Life Happens and when you have tried to solve debt problems on your own and it is not working, you need the help of an experienced Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney like me, Brad Bader.

When you come into our office, we sit down with you personally, learn what is going on now in your current financial situation and advise you on the best solution to solve your debt problems based on all of the facts. We pride ourselves in personalizing the bankruptcy process by guiding you through every option and making sure you know what is the best debt solution for you.



Whether you live in Lake County (Tavares, Clermont, Eustis, Leesburg, Groveland) or Orange County (Orlando, Apopka, Winter Garden, Maitland, College Park, Pine Hills) or Seminole County (Sanford, Longwood, Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs) if you file for bankruptcy, your case is filed in Orlando, Florida.

Factors Leaning Toward Filing Bankruptcy

Whenever a change of circumstances occurs in your life, like a job loss, divorce, illness or other unexpected event, you need to first look at the types of debts that are causing you problems.

At first nothing much happens when life happens, but then as debt collectors begin calling you all the time, creditors start filing lawsuits and begin garnishing wages or bank accounts, it is time to take action and solve your debt problems.

Mostly Credit Card and Medical Debts?

If you live in Central Florida and you have mostly credit card debts or medical bills and you are current on your mortgage and car payments but just can't afford the credit card and medical debts you incurred when your income was higher, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Orlando may really help you get out from under the daily pressure of collections, wage garnishments or other things that upset your financial future and your daily life. Nobody should have to live under constant stress and fear of what is going to happen to them next.

Behind on Your Mortgage or Car Payments?

If your income dropped because of an unexpected life event but is now back or at least stable, but you fell behind on your mortgage payments or car payments and want to keep those things, then a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the perfect way to catch up on payments and keep the property that matters most to you. When you hire an experienced Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney like me and we file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case in Orlando, all collections, foreclosures and lawsuits immediately stop.

We then put you into a debt rehab plan to keep the things that are important, like home or your cars.  In most Chapter 13 bankruptcies, if you have other debts, like credit cards or medical bills, you may not have to pay anything to those creditors while catching up on your home and car payments.

Bankruptcy Attorney Orlando - Bankruptcy is Debt Relief

No matter what anyone tells you, filing for bankruptcy is sometimes a necessity. Nobody files for bankruptcy in Orlando because they want to. They do it because they have a legal right to seek the protection and relief afforded by the U.S. bankruptcy laws. Hiring an experienced Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney is the first step to debt relief.

Consumers living in Orlando file bankruptcy because they need to get things under control, stop the harassment, the phone calls, the lawsuits, the wage garnishments and other collections against them. They need debt relief and much of the time when things get to a certain point, bankruptcy is the best debt solution. 

Of course every person's situation is different, so that's why we won't rush you into filing for bankruptcy if there is a better way to solve your debt problems. 

Bankruptcy Attorney Orlando - Learn More About the Types of Bankruptcy

There are 2 main types of Orlando bankruptcy cases and I will explain to you everything you need to know.  Whether you need to either quickly get out of debt or over a period of time, restructure debt on things they want to keep, like houses and cars. 

Bankruptcy Attorney Orlando - Your First Step

We want you to feel comfortable calling our office and know that there is no obligation to sit down and learn your options to best solve your debt problems, whether or not that means filing for bankruptcy.

Just call us at the number at the top or bottom of this page. You can also message us and even schedule your own appointment.

You don't have to go it alone and we will help you figure out your best solution so you can get a fresh start and restart your life and live in peace once again.

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